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Chris offered his services to me when I was not looking for a personal trainer, at first, I was sceptical, but I agreed to the taster session. In the taster session we completed training that I have never done before – we worked on my balance, core, strength and posture. It was actually quite eye-opening, and I started to see that this type of training might really make a difference to my life. What’s more, Chris’ approach was patient and contentious from the beginning. After I signed up to a plan, Chris coached me on all things from nutrition to how to perform the exercises with the correct form. He gave me tips on the type of training that would help me correct my posture and I set fitness goals for the first time in my life.

The first thing I noticed was the positive change in my mood and energy levels which is great as I have a fairly stressful job which can often leave me feeling tired and unmotivated. Chris is encouraging and he dictates the pace of a session according to my energy levels. Just starting the sessions with Chris has had a knock-on effect in all aspects of my life, I am fitter, healthier, eating better, and my physique is improving too at the age of 57. We are staying on track with the majority of my goals and I am planting trees along the way. I would recommend Chris and EcoGains if you are struggling with maintaining your health and want premium service.


I wanted to challenge myself to be as fit as I was in my early 30's, by training with Chris at EcoGains, I am certainly moving in the right direction to achieve this. I train with Chris on average two times per week; the sessions are in my living room or garden which is great as I have young kids; it also means I have now ended my expensive gym membership which I was using rarely. The type of training we do is much more functional compared to what I was doing in the gym on the machines, so I get a lot more enjoyment after a session. I especially enjoy the martial arts and pad work which provide great variety in all of the sessions. Chris is calm, always willing to provide good and honest information, and is thorough in his approach throughout the process.  I think the incentive scheme is a great addition and helps to keep me motivated and working towards my goals. Give EcoGains a try if you want good value and results.


Chris' approach is completely different from what I have experienced before with other personal trainers. He really focuses his energy into providing quality sessions, he shares valuable knowledge, and he champions safe and effective training. The consultation was thorough and I received an informative follow up report which was a great touch. During the consultation we set clear goals, Chris then broke these down into a ’28-day habits challenge’. This has held me accountable to my goals and I am motivated to complete the challenge as I can plant over 100-trees if I manage it. What a great feature tying sustainability to fitness goals. I look forward to each session as there is something new in each one. The results are starting to show already as my strength has increased, I’ve lost weight, my abs are toning, I feel more balanced throughout my body to name a few. Do not hesitate to contact Chris if you want to train in an enjoyable way with a relaxed and knowledgeable trainer.


Chris has been focussed on providing me with a great service during my fitness journey. He is very motivating and makes the training fun but productive. I have a busy schedule and the convenience of working out at home is one of the best things. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and would highly recommend.


I decided to train with EcoGains as I care about reducing my carbon footprint and I think that planting trees as you reach your goals is a cool feature. To begin with, my goal was to improve my figure, tone up and feel more confident. Chris has made me appreciate physical exercise in a way I was not expecting, and I now enjoy the health benefits too, such as reducing my muscle imbalances and improving my posture.


In the past I have never really ventured into using weights or resistances, Chris has taught me the basics really well and we are now moving onto more advanced techniques. I feel much more confident doing this type of training on my own now. The sessions can be tough, but I get a great sense of achievement after each one and always look forward to the next.