Our Story

Healthy Workforce

Healthy Planet

Our Mission 


To get our planet and its people in better shape.


Our Story


We help our clients change the trajectory of their health and fitness through a combination of expert coaching, a sustainability-focussed accountability framework, and genuine care and consideration. We believe that long-term prioritisation of our health and fitness is the ultimate goal, and that the optimal way to achieve this is when getting fit and staying healthy syncs seamlessly into our day to day lives.


The experience gained from serving the B2C market through 1-1 health and personal development coaching has led to innovation of our services. We now provide solutions for employers who seek to enhance the employee experience and engagement by caring for their people’s health and wellbeing. Our programmes lead to transformational benefits in the short and long-term that are experienced by all. 


EcoGains was formed on the simple basis that it would have a positive impact on the world. Our commitment to addressing the global climate crisis is embedded within our programmes in the form of our sustainability-focussed incentive scheme, which also serves as an accountability framework for our clients to smash their targets. It has led to the planting of over 3,200 trees, and it is facilitated through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. These trees protect and enhance the health of our planet and its people by contributing to carbon sequestration, reforestation, animal habitat restoration, and by providing work for impoverished communities.


Our Approach 


We believe that there is a better way to achieve health and fitness goals, one which doesn’t involve travelling to a busy and expensive gym, following extreme diets and completing lengthy workouts. Instead, we focus on helping clients achieve a self-image of, “I prioritise my health”, which then incites positive health changes in the long-term. We do this by enabling participants to build healthy habits and break unhealthy habits in their routine.


Our programmes are delivered online, require little input from the employer, and can be completed by the participant at home, using minimal equipment, effectively and efficiently. To ensure the training remains demanding and enjoyable, our workouts include many functional and martial art inspired exercises which provide plenty of variety.


We champion the benefits of exercise that are often overlooked by current health and fitness trends, and our programmes promote physical activity, a balanced diet, and personal development. Consequently, clients can experience a mixture of both physical health and mental wellbeing benefits, whilst employers can derive competitive advantage and low-risk returns.


We recognise that when it comes to health and fitness, we all have different levels of experience, barriers, and motivations. We therefore deliver a service that meets individual needs as we guide clients through an integrated and periodised training approach which can be applied beyond our time spent working together, so that they can lead happier and healthier lives and achieve their health and fitness targets now and in the future.


We incentivise adherence to the programme and reward commitment through our sustainability-focused accountability framework.