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We aim to deliver a service that has a lasting impact. EcoGains provides premium coaching for your fitness goals, from improving your overall health to sports-specific training. Beyond this, our personal trainers aim to implement healthy habits into your routine, so that you can follow a lifestyle that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled. Continue reading below for further details of our services.

1-1 Personal training

1-1 personal training with our experienced and qualified trainers who are prepared with an array of equipment and techniques to ensure you enjoy fun and effective sessions. Delivery of the personal training sessions can be in an environment of your choosing; at your home, the local park, or at a facility in Highams Park. All training sessions are 1-hour.

1-1 Online training

For clients who want to receive EcoGains personal training online. You will receive weekly 30-minute video call check-ins with our personal trainers.

Health and fitness consultation and report

We have created a thorough health and fitness consultation for our clients which includes a body mechanics and fitness assessment. Using this information, we create a programme tailored to your specific needs and goals. You will then receive a follow up report containing the key information from this consultation and useful resources for training.

Nutrition consultation, report and guidance

You will undergo a nutrition consultation before receiving a follow up report containing guidance on your dietary requirements and nutrition advice. We create a nutrition plan that takes into account your preferences and puts you on track for achieving your goals.

Habit formation and EcoGains incentive scheme

We help you reach your long-term goals by encouraging the formation of healthy habits in three key areas, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. To provide you with extra motivation, EcoGains plant trees when you adhere to your training programme and targets. The trees that you earn have a positive socio-environmental impact. See our Partners page for more information on the EcoGains Incentive Scheme and our efforts to get the planet in better shape.

Access to the EcoGains video library

Members-only-access to our extensive and expanding library of videos. These include warm-ups, flexibility flows, resistance training techniques, workouts and all things health and fitness and more.

Periodised training programme

EcoGains Personal Trainers are qualified to use the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model. Under this model, training programmes are designed to cater to an individual’s goals, needs, and abilities in a safe and systematic fashion. This is achieved by applying an integrated and periodised approach to programme design.

Progress assessments and report

Throughout your programme, assessments will be conducted to help ensure that you stay on track with achieving your goals. At the end of your programme, the progress that you have made will be quantified and summarised in a report for your reference.