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Level 3 Personal Trainer. Level 2 Fitness Instructor. NASM OPT Certification. 

1st dan black belt karate. CIMSPA Member. First Aider


About me

Hello, I'm Chris and thank you for taking the time to take a look through the EcoGains website, I hope that this can be the beginning of a productive relationship.


I qualified as a Personal Trainer in April 2019, following a Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Sustainability. I intend to apply the same diligent and methodological approach I used to complete these to my delivery of personal training, to ensure the utmost value and results for clients. I hope to create a socially responsible business by providing clients with a sustainability-focused incentive scheme and by minimising the businesses impact along the supply chain, see the About page for more information. 


I have a background in sport and fitness. Having played football throughout all ages of my life, I understand the fundamentals of team sports and the demands these have on the human form. I have also competed in individual sports, most notably, karate, where I achieved a black-belt and entered tournaments across the UK and in the USA. In more recent years, training in the gym or at home has been my preferred form of exercise, and my passion for it has led me to where I am today.

My approach


My sessions will include exercises and techniques from all facets of my experience, from karate style basics to more traditional resistance techniques. This approach provides plenty of variety and no two sessions are the same. I am particularly interested in functional training, correcting postural imbalances, and improving proprioceptive control. 


Ultimately, my ethos is to pass on knowledge to my clients which can be used and applied beyond the time spent training with me. My mission is to guide clients on how to manage their health through an integrated approach - so that they can lead happier and healthier lives.


I cater to all client goals, from just trying to be healthier to achieving targets in competitive sport. I recognise that when it comes to exercise, each client has different levels of experience, barriers, and motivations. Which is why I aim to deliver premium and bespoke personal training that meets my clients’ individual needs, whilst ensuring the training sessions remain demanding and above all, enjoyable.



Phil, 43, Broker

I wanted to challenge myself to be as fit as I was in my early 30's, by training with Chris at EcoGains, I am certainly moving in the right direction to achieve this. I train with Chris on average two times per week; the sessions are in my living room or garden which is great as I have young kids; it also means I have now ended my expensive gym membership which I was using rarely. The type of training we do is much more functional compared to what I was doing in the gym on the machines, so I get a lot more enjoyment after a session. I especially enjoy the martial arts and pad work which provide great variety in all of the sessions. Chris is calm, always willing to provide good and honest information, and is thorough in his approach throughout the process.  I think the incentive scheme is a great addition and helps to keep me motivated and working towards my goals. Give EcoGains a try if you want good value and results.

David, 57, Social Worker

Chris offered his services to me when I was not looking for a personal trainer, at first, I was sceptical, but I agreed to the taster session. In the taster session we completed training that I have never done before – we worked on my balance, core, strength and posture. It was actually quite eye-opening, and I started to see that this type of training might really make a difference to my life. What’s more, Chris’ approach was patient and contentious from the beginning. After I signed up to a plan, Chris coached me on all things from nutrition to how to perform the exercises with the correct form. He gave me tips on the type of training that would help me correct my posture and I set fitness goals for the first time in my life.

The first thing I noticed was the positive change in my mood and energy levels which is great as I have a fairly stressful job which can often leave me feeling tired and unmotivated. Chris is encouraging and he dictates the pace of a session according to my energy levels. Just starting the sessions with Chris has had a knock-on effect in all aspects of my life, I am fitter, healthier, eating better, and my physique is improving too at the age of 57. We are staying on track with the majority of my goals and I am planting trees along the way. I would recommend Chris and EcoGains if you are struggling with maintaining your health and want premium service.

Darren, 48, Artist

Chris' approach is completely different from what I have experienced before with other personal trainers. He really focuses his energy into providing quality sessions, he shares valuable knowledge, and he champions safe and effective training. The consultation was thorough and I received an informative follow up report which was a great touch. During the consultation we set clear goals, Chris then broke these down into a ’28-day habits challenge’. This has held me accountable to my goals and I am motivated to complete the challenge as I can plant over 100-trees if I manage it. What a great feature tying sustainability to fitness goals. I look forward to each session as there is something new in each one. The results are starting to show already as my strength has increased, I’ve lost weight, my abs are toning, I feel more balanced throughout my body to name a few. Do not hesitate to contact Chris if you want to train in an enjoyable way with a relaxed and knowledgeable trainer.

Debbie, 54, University Lecturer

Chris has been focussed on providing me with a great service during my fitness journey. He is very motivating and makes the training fun but productive. I have a busy schedule and the convenience of working out at home is one of the best things. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and would highly recommend.

Ayla, 25, Marketing Executive

I decided to train with EcoGains as I care about reducing my carbon footprint and I think that planting trees as you reach your goals is a cool feature. To begin with, my goal was to improve my figure, tone up and feel more confident. Chris has made me appreciate physical exercise in a way I was not expecting, and I now enjoy the health benefits too, such as reducing my muscle imbalances and improving my posture.


In the past I have never really ventured into using weights or resistances, Chris has taught me the basics really well and we are now moving onto more advanced techniques. I feel much more confident doing this type of training on my own now. The sessions can be tough, but I get a great sense of achievement after each one and always look forward to the next.



We aim to deliver a service that has a lasting impact. EcoGains provides premium coaching for your fitness goals, from improving your overall health to sports-specific training. Beyond this, our personal trainers aim to implement healthy habits into your routine, so that you can follow a lifestyle that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled. Continue reading below for further details of our services.

1-1 Personal training

1-1 personal training with our experienced and qualified trainers who are prepared with an array of equipment and techniques to ensure you enjoy fun and effective sessions. Delivery of the personal training sessions can be in an environment of your choosing: at your home, the local park, or at a facility in Highams Park. All training sessions are 1-hour.

Online training

For clients who want to receive EcoGains personal training online. You will receive weekly 30-minute video call check-ins with our personal trainers.

Health and fitness consultation and report

We have created a thorough health and fitness consultation for our clients which includes a body mechanics and fitness assessment. Using this information, we create a programme tailored to your specific needs and goals. You will then receive a follow up report containing the key information from this consultation and useful resources for training.

Nutrition consultation, report and guidance

You will undergo a nutrition consultation before receiving a follow up report containing guidance on your dietary requirements and nutrition advice. We create a nutrition plan that takes into account your preferences and puts you on track for achieving your goals.

Habit formation and EcoGains incentive scheme

We help you reach your long-term goals by running challenges that build healthy habits in three key areas: lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. To provide you with extra motivation, EcoGains plant trees when you adhere to your training programme and targets. The trees that you earn have a positive socio-environmental impact. See our, Partners page for more information on the EcoGains Incentive Scheme and our efforts to get the planet in better shape.

Periodised training programme

EcoGains Personal Trainers are qualified to use the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model. Under this model, training programmes are designed to cater to an individual’s goals, needs, and abilities in a safe and systematic fashion. This is achieved by applying an integrated and periodised approach to programme design.

Progress assessments and report

Throughout your programme, assessments will be conducted to help ensure that you stay on track with achieving your goals. At the end of your programme, the progress that you have made will be quantified and summarised in a report for your reference.




Taster - £Free 

First time clients

1x1hr 1-1 Personal Training Session

Train at your home

One-Off Session - £35

1x1hr 1-1 Personal Training Session

Train at your home

6-Week New Year Package A - £180

6x1hr 1-1 Personal training sessions

Train at your home

We plant trees as you achieve your targets

Build healthy habits

Real results

Health and fitness consultation

Body mechanics and fitness assessment

Follow up consultation report and resources

Nutrition consultation

Follow up nutrition report and guidance

Personalised training programme

Fun and effective sessions

Functional and martial arts style training

Text message support

Progress assessments

Progress report

6-Week New Year Package B - £336

12x1hr 1-1 Personal training sessions

As above


All sessions are 1-hour

New Year packages are available until 8th Jan 2020

New Year packages unused sessions expire 23rd Feb 2020

Partner training available


12-Week Programme - £230

First time clients

Weekly video call check-ins

We plant trees as you achieve your targets

Build healthy habits

Real results

Health and fitness consultation

Body mechanics and fitness assessment

Follow up consultation report and resources

Nutrition consultation

Follow up nutrition report and guidance

Personalised training programme

Access to EcoGains members only video tutorials

Text message support

Progress assessments

Progress report

Partner training available

Programme Renewal - £180

Repeat clients



How does it work?

  • We have a chat over the phone or via email to arrange your free taster session. The taster session will last around 1.5hrs. If you decide to proceed, then you will select your training package and complete the consultation process. You will receive your reports and documents, then training will commence.


When can I do the sessions and where?

  • Session times are flexible.

  • The sessions can take place at your home, resulting in utmost convenience. Other options include the local park or green space, or the gym. Clients that choose to have their sessions at the gym must cover the gym charge for the trainer.


Can I pay in instalments?

  • It is not possible to pay in instalments with EcoGains at this moment in time.


Can I pay for single sessions?

  • Single sessions are available, please make an enquiry to find out more.


Do you do group training?

  • The services and the prices displayed on the website are for 1-1 personal training. Group training is available, please make an enquiry to find out more.


Do you do online coaching?

  • Online coaching is available, please make an enquiry to find out more.


How long do I have to use the sessions?

  • There is no time limit on the validity of your sessions. Though we recommend training regularly to experience progression. On average clients have 1-2 sessions per week.


What if I can’t make a session and need to cancel or rearrange?

  • We ask that clients respect our time and try to give as much notice as possible. Repeated cancellations or late notice may result in a penalty.


Will I receive a training programme?

  • All clients will progress through the Optimum Performance Training programme designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This programme ensures that clients are progressed at a safe rate from stabilisation, to strength, to power. We can provide you with the training programme.


What happens in each training session?

  • All sessions can include, but are not limited to including: flexibility training, cardiorespiratory training, core training, balance training, plyometric (reactive) training; speed, agility, and quickness training, and resistance training. Each session is different and created with client goals in mind.


Will you give me things to do in my own time?

  • Yes, of course, you can ask our trainers for advice on what training techniques you can do in your own time. We can prepare you with exercises and a workout plan.


Can I choose where I plant the trees?

  • We are unable to select where we plant our trees with Eden Reforestation Projects at present, but this is something we are hoping to work on in the near future.