Our Story

Our mission is to get the planet and its people in better shape 


We help our clients change the trajectory of their health and fitness through a combination of expert coaching, a sustainability-focussed accountability framework, and genuine care and consideration. We believe that long-term prioritisation of our health and fitness is the ultimate goal, and that the optimal way to achieve this is when getting fit and staying healthy syncs seamlessly into our day to day lives.

Enhance employee experience and engagement

Inspire change, provide development opportunities, and address the work-life balance conundrum

Foster a company culture that invests in and cares for its people

Protect and improve employee health and wellbeing

Gain a competitive advantage

Extract the best from people and teams with a healthier, happier, more content workforce

Address the global climate crisis

We plant trees as participants smash their targets



Our Services

In-Depth Consultation Process 

Our consultation process covers health and fitness as well as nutrition. Once we know more about a participant’s goals, current capabilities, and lifestyle, we can create a programme tailored to their specific needs.